November 28, 2010

Los sientos mis amigos.

I am terribly sorry for not blogging this week. I really have no excuse because I was on break and while I wasn't doing homework I was having Nip/Tuck marathons. Anyway I want to thank all of my new friends on Independent Fashion Bloggers for being so welcoming to me! About two weeks ago I joined the site and so far I am loving it! If you are an aspiring fashion blogger this is the place for you. It is a great way to meet fellow bloggers, support, get support, get ideas, ect. ect. So shout out to to everyone there!

I didn't get to go Black Friday shopping and to tell you the truth I didn't mind. I did however get to work Black Friday at not one but two jobs...yay! One of those jobs was at my beloved Anthropologie. It is seriously not a good idea that I work there because seriously everything I see in that store I want. For example,

Set Free Cardigan (so cute and so warm!)
Topsy Henley (i have a thing for strips and sailors)
Wanderlust Journal (how many times can I say I need this?)
Accordingly Trousers (these pants feel like butter...seriously!)
Ah but alas I cannot get all of these items so I must choose. Such a difficult life I lead....

Tata loves


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