November 14, 2010

Good Food and Fashion.

Last night I had the pleasure of going downtown (okay downtown Syracuse not that cool...but it sounds cool saying downtown) with all of my roommates. It was Syracuse's Fashion Night Out to help benefit the senior scholarship fund so they can get nice fabrics and things for their senior collection. Anyway before we went and had a bit to eat at this very cool place called Empire Brewery.

I got the soup of the day (Amber Ale Cheddar) and of course with a side of sweet potato fries. Have I told you guys my obsession with sweet potato fries?

Introducing Janet my roommate (she is crazy) and I believe she had crayfish pasta.

The food was delicious but the consensus with everyone was the soup could have been warmer. If you go you have got to try the lobster bisque, to die for. :)

After we were nice and full we went to the fashion show. These were some of my favorite pieces.

Very fierce.
This one was my favorite. It had so much movement!
Then after a full night of being hip and cool we went home and watched the top country songs countdown on CMT, where I found out I like and know a lot more country music than I thought...

Not the most flattering picture but I was wearing a thrifted blazer, the top is from H&M and the jeggings are J Brand.

OH and I forgot I was in a fashion show! I modeled some very cute American Eagle fashion for a friend in my Spanish class. I was a little nervous about it but it was actually a lot of fun, and I got to keep the clothes. :)

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