November 8, 2010

Work it out

So today I was sore all day because I was dancing the afternoon away with my sorority. Sunday we had our philanthropy event "Dance Away Domestic Violence with Alpha Chi Omega" to benefit the Vera House in Syracuse. It was so much fun but seeing as I haven't worked out in probably a month I am feeling it today.

Being a sorority we take every opportunity to make a t-shirt and for this event we got these adorable American Appeal tanks. Above is one of my sisters and fellow bloggers, check her out at Katie's Whirled. :)

Okay so I admit I am horrible at remember to take pictures of my outfits, but today I remembered! It was quite cold in Syracuse today so I was all about this thrifted ivory sweater. Along with the scarf (H&M) and my beloved Fryes. :)

Oh and so my camera is biting the dust. First of all it is a crappy camera to begin with but now it is just getting awful. I think one too many frat parties...anyway now my pictures are all pixelated and I don't like it. So I am going to ask for a new one for Christmas. I want a camera somewhere between a "take pictures of my kids" and "professional wedding photographer". Any suggestions? I want it for taking fabulous pictures for this blog and for my up and coming stay in Santiago. Yes I am going to officially be studying abroad in Santiago de Chile and I am so excited it really isn't even funny. So please help me find a camera, I would be forever grateful.

te amo,


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