November 11, 2010

new look. new me.

So I have been struggling with a blog name since I started this lovely blog in July. I admit I have not been the most creative with names, hence why I am not going into the advertising industry. Anyway I really wanted a name that stands out. This semester it has been all about "branding yourself", so I know the importance of a good name. The other day I sat down, while procrastinating :), and just wrote down adjectives I think describe me. Well I came up with a ton of adjectives, but not really ones that could potentially be a blog name. Then I thought think about the basic elements of what you want to talk about. I want to talk about my life and the lovely fashion I feel is an expression of that. So I thought of threads, buttons, just the bare elements that make up clothes. I didn't like any of that. But then I was sitting in my Spanish class, learning about the passive voice (boring), when it came to me. Use my last name. Rapp, wrap, rap, rapping, wrapping, a sandwich wrap. I have a slue of connotations in my own freaking name! So then I thought "on a rapp", meaning I would be talking about the clothes that are on me! I am really excited about this and I think I have officially found my brand. Get ready because all hats are off now.

I do want to thank all the bloggers that I fanatically read for the inspiration, you truly help aspiring bloggers like myself get on the right track.

Terribly sorry for the background, my roommate and I are a little on the messy side, so many clothes you see :). Anyway, blinged out headband, Anthropologie, sweater and shirt, thrifted, and introducing my other Fryes (this picture really doesn't do them justice...actually these pictures don't do the outfit justice, I told you I need a new camera!).

I think I have an addiction to Frye boots. I have two pairs and I want more. I am thinking some Engineers or possibly Harness shorts in black?

Well now I have to get ready for Politics of the Middle East...did I mention I am obsessed with my teacher, so stylish. :)

te amo,

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