November 5, 2010

Dropping Temperatures

As the temperatures are dropping here in upstate NY I am finding myself not prepared. I still only go outside in sweaters and scarfs. I simply refuse to believe that winter is finally upon us. So I am on the search for cute cold weather accessories. This winter it is all about chunky wool scarfs, fingerless gloves, and ear flap hats. Here are my picks:

                               Wool Ribbed Fingerless Gloves from Ruche - $15
                                            (I love the bows so lady-like!)
                                     Classic Knit Tubular Scarf from Ruche - $15
                                                  (Doesn't it look so warm!!)
                          A Flapper's Delight Headscarf from ModCloth - $27.99
                 (LOVE this because it keeps you warm without messing up your hair!)
                           Peek-A-Boo Pretty Gloves Anthopologie - $28
                                   (Love the color of these ones so fall)
                            Snowbunny Trapper Hat American Eagle - $34
              (This faux fur is sure to keep you nice and stylish!)

I write this post for you from the comfort of my own home. Yes, I am visiting the ROC this weekend and was oh so nice to sleep in my own bed last night. Plans for today include introducing my Colorado friend to horses and possibly some thrifting (I am in desperate need of sweaters, and I have no money). So keep warm loves and bundle up with some of these oh so cute accessories :).

te amo,

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