December 13, 2010

Finally the Final.

I feel like jumping for joy today because I am finished with graphic design! If you haven't read my past post Magazine Overload then I will update you. This semester I took an intro to graphic design class as a requirement for my major (public relations). Now at first I took the class as a joke, and easy A, until I got back my first project...C+. This put my butt into high gear and I started putting a lot of effort into this class, but when I kept getting bad grades (B's but I am used to A's) I was furious.

My teacher put me in a paradox. By giving me bad grades he pushed me to learn the programs inside and out and be very thoughtful with my designs. However, he treated our class as professional designers when most of us had never even touched these programs before. He is the type that doesn't care about grades and just cares "if you learned something". But for the rest of us that are trying to get scholarships or get into Columbia Law School where the minimum GPA is a 3.79, grades matter.

Anyway enough of my ranting, I truly like graphic design and I am sure it would be much more pleasurable if I had a different teacher. But here is my last project, I know it needs some work (the bottom half with the information is atrocious) but I had no motivation to put in 20 hours of work into this project when I know I would just get a B...

If this were to be a real on a real web browser then there would be white border on the sides. I went for a torn paper look to make it more organic as that was the feel I got for the organization.

Please let me know your opinions/suggestions! I am new at this and need all the help I can get.

December 8, 2010

When the Weather Outside is Frightful...

But the boots are so delightful?

Hello everyone, it is the 5th consecutive day it has been snowing in Syracuse. Yup that's right with about two feet of snow already and right now it is suppose to snow an inch an hour. I feel like I live in the North pole!

Anyway I am pretty much done with all my final projects and papers...yay!!! So now I can get back to blogging, and I thought nothing better then to do a post on super cute and super warm winter boots. :)
It is actually a chore trying to find cute heavy duty winter boots. I would rather wear my Frye's all winter but sadly they are just not cutting it. :(

So here are some boots I am contemplating getting for next semester, where it will be snowing in Syracuse for the next four months...It is really times like these where I ask myself why I didn't go to school in Florida or California but alas too late now.

Joan of the Artic by Sorel
Love these ones because not only will they keep my feeties warm but they also have that fantastic red detail, which I love!

Cate the Great by Sorel
These are the ones I am dying to get, and I mean dying. I kinda search for deals on them everyday, because they are somewhere around $200...but they are so pretty!!

Sorelli Tall by Sorel
Now I just saw these ones the other day and I actually really like them. They are not as fashionable as the above two but they definitely stand out and come in three awesome color combinations and also look really warm!

Hunter Rain Boots
Okay I know these are rain boots but you can get these cozy inserts so they keep your feet nice and dry. Now these boots are very only issue with them is that everyone and their mother has them at Syracuse University. You could call them the "sorority rain boot". I have wanted a pair very badly, but cannot bring myself to getting some because I don't want to look like every other girl on the street ya know? But these pretty ones I have not seen anyone who knows maybe I will break down and get some. :)

Ugg Adirondack Tall
Okay my feet are sweating just looking at these.

Tory Burch Buckle Rain Boot
I saw these and actually died. How beautiful are these? I think I should start saving up now because these are the rain boots of all rain boots...and I want them :).

So now I actually have to get one of these pairs and it is going to be a hard decision so I think you guys should help me!

Stay warm!


November 28, 2010

Los sientos mis amigos.

I am terribly sorry for not blogging this week. I really have no excuse because I was on break and while I wasn't doing homework I was having Nip/Tuck marathons. Anyway I want to thank all of my new friends on Independent Fashion Bloggers for being so welcoming to me! About two weeks ago I joined the site and so far I am loving it! If you are an aspiring fashion blogger this is the place for you. It is a great way to meet fellow bloggers, support, get support, get ideas, ect. ect. So shout out to to everyone there!

I didn't get to go Black Friday shopping and to tell you the truth I didn't mind. I did however get to work Black Friday at not one but two jobs...yay! One of those jobs was at my beloved Anthropologie. It is seriously not a good idea that I work there because seriously everything I see in that store I want. For example,

Set Free Cardigan (so cute and so warm!)
Topsy Henley (i have a thing for strips and sailors)
Wanderlust Journal (how many times can I say I need this?)
Accordingly Trousers (these pants feel like butter...seriously!)
Ah but alas I cannot get all of these items so I must choose. Such a difficult life I lead....

Tata loves


November 21, 2010

Magazine Overload

This is the beast I have been putting my heart and soul into for the past three weeks! It is for my introduction to graphics class and I could not be more happy with the way it turned out. I drew the image on the front cover, and the page with the history and food titles on it. I also did all the typography for the Titles and sub-titles myself! It took a long time but it was worth it. The only thing I am not happy about is the actually title of the magazine. I seriously spent an hour going through different type faces and nothing worked so my professor and I settled on this.

I have had a bit of a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with this professor. I have not been getting the grades I think I should be getting, making me not a happy camper in that class. However, for this project I was determined to get a good grade. So I went to his office hours to talk to him and spent around 15 to 20 hours on this project alone (the others I spent about 5 to 10, which might be the reason for my poor grades). Nonetheless at the end of my last visit to his office hours he asked me my mayor. When I told him public relations he told me I should switch and be a design major. I don't think I would change my major ever, but I was very very very flattered. Stay tuned for when we get this project back, if I don't get an A or an A- (*knock on wood*) I will probably cry.

Well I have to get more work done, but I promise more blog post this week! Maybe some of my favorite Thanksgiving desert recipes and outfits of course. :)

te amo

November 17, 2010

A Little Bit of Navajo Influence

I am sorry but I need this. That is all.

P.S. check out all the other Nasty Gal new arrivals, I am kind of obsessed.


November 16, 2010

Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee

As the semester begins to come to an end I find it more and more difficult to get myself motivated. This year however I have surprised myself, I am actually starting final essays now so that when it comes time for finals I won't be stressed! I know I am such a good student. :)

This is my favorite mug from Anthropologie. Have I mentioned I am obsessed with that store?
Tonight my motivation to get work done has a lot to do with my one true love, coffee. I swear it has magical powers. I think I have become addicted. No I know I am addicted because if I don't have it in the morning I get a headache. This is probably horrible but I can't help it I love it so.

Sorry I don't have any fashion tonight. I am working on finding an Etsy seller to feature on here and I have a couple in mind I just have to talk to them first, so be on the look out for that. :)

On that note I have oodles and oodles of homework to do so wish me luck I am going to need it against the hypnotic powers of Facebook and Twitter (they are so good at distracting me).

te amo,

November 14, 2010

Good Food and Fashion.

Last night I had the pleasure of going downtown (okay downtown Syracuse not that cool...but it sounds cool saying downtown) with all of my roommates. It was Syracuse's Fashion Night Out to help benefit the senior scholarship fund so they can get nice fabrics and things for their senior collection. Anyway before we went and had a bit to eat at this very cool place called Empire Brewery.

I got the soup of the day (Amber Ale Cheddar) and of course with a side of sweet potato fries. Have I told you guys my obsession with sweet potato fries?

Introducing Janet my roommate (she is crazy) and I believe she had crayfish pasta.

The food was delicious but the consensus with everyone was the soup could have been warmer. If you go you have got to try the lobster bisque, to die for. :)

After we were nice and full we went to the fashion show. These were some of my favorite pieces.

Very fierce.
This one was my favorite. It had so much movement!
Then after a full night of being hip and cool we went home and watched the top country songs countdown on CMT, where I found out I like and know a lot more country music than I thought...

Not the most flattering picture but I was wearing a thrifted blazer, the top is from H&M and the jeggings are J Brand.

OH and I forgot I was in a fashion show! I modeled some very cute American Eagle fashion for a friend in my Spanish class. I was a little nervous about it but it was actually a lot of fun, and I got to keep the clothes. :)

November 13, 2010

Your Welcome!

Last night my sorority had our "Screw Your Sister" party. For those of you not versed in Greek life, a screw party is where you get paired up with one of your good friends in the house and then you have to pick there date and the aren't suppose to know...but everyone generally does, like me for example.

My "surprise" date and I. His name is Greg and might be the coolest kid I have ever met. 
Didn't I tell you we make shirts for everything. :) The back says "Your Welcome". 
I was feeling very "Mad Men" with Greg's glasses on. :) 
With my lovely roomie who is responsible for the lovely hair. 

The dress I am wearing is from the lovely Modcloth. My shoes are from Guess, and the pearls are compliments of Sonja. :)

I was a little skeptical about this dress, because I didn't know how I would look with that bright blue color, but I definitely think I need to be adding more of it to my closet. Oh and not to mention I was one of the few who was wearing color, so as Sonja eloquently put it, "you stand out like a lovely petunia!" Have I ever mentioned my love for this girl. :)

Oh and I am definitely getting some of those glasses, I kinda dig the Mad Men style...

November 11, 2010

new look. new me.

So I have been struggling with a blog name since I started this lovely blog in July. I admit I have not been the most creative with names, hence why I am not going into the advertising industry. Anyway I really wanted a name that stands out. This semester it has been all about "branding yourself", so I know the importance of a good name. The other day I sat down, while procrastinating :), and just wrote down adjectives I think describe me. Well I came up with a ton of adjectives, but not really ones that could potentially be a blog name. Then I thought think about the basic elements of what you want to talk about. I want to talk about my life and the lovely fashion I feel is an expression of that. So I thought of threads, buttons, just the bare elements that make up clothes. I didn't like any of that. But then I was sitting in my Spanish class, learning about the passive voice (boring), when it came to me. Use my last name. Rapp, wrap, rap, rapping, wrapping, a sandwich wrap. I have a slue of connotations in my own freaking name! So then I thought "on a rapp", meaning I would be talking about the clothes that are on me! I am really excited about this and I think I have officially found my brand. Get ready because all hats are off now.

I do want to thank all the bloggers that I fanatically read for the inspiration, you truly help aspiring bloggers like myself get on the right track.

Terribly sorry for the background, my roommate and I are a little on the messy side, so many clothes you see :). Anyway, blinged out headband, Anthropologie, sweater and shirt, thrifted, and introducing my other Fryes (this picture really doesn't do them justice...actually these pictures don't do the outfit justice, I told you I need a new camera!).

I think I have an addiction to Frye boots. I have two pairs and I want more. I am thinking some Engineers or possibly Harness shorts in black?

Well now I have to get ready for Politics of the Middle East...did I mention I am obsessed with my teacher, so stylish. :)

te amo,

November 8, 2010

Work it out

So today I was sore all day because I was dancing the afternoon away with my sorority. Sunday we had our philanthropy event "Dance Away Domestic Violence with Alpha Chi Omega" to benefit the Vera House in Syracuse. It was so much fun but seeing as I haven't worked out in probably a month I am feeling it today.

Being a sorority we take every opportunity to make a t-shirt and for this event we got these adorable American Appeal tanks. Above is one of my sisters and fellow bloggers, check her out at Katie's Whirled. :)

Okay so I admit I am horrible at remember to take pictures of my outfits, but today I remembered! It was quite cold in Syracuse today so I was all about this thrifted ivory sweater. Along with the scarf (H&M) and my beloved Fryes. :)

Oh and so my camera is biting the dust. First of all it is a crappy camera to begin with but now it is just getting awful. I think one too many frat parties...anyway now my pictures are all pixelated and I don't like it. So I am going to ask for a new one for Christmas. I want a camera somewhere between a "take pictures of my kids" and "professional wedding photographer". Any suggestions? I want it for taking fabulous pictures for this blog and for my up and coming stay in Santiago. Yes I am going to officially be studying abroad in Santiago de Chile and I am so excited it really isn't even funny. So please help me find a camera, I would be forever grateful.

te amo,


November 6, 2010

Goin back to ma roots!

So as I said yesterday I went home this weekend, even though it was only for two days I had such a good time! It was so relaxing and I really missed my parents and my animals. I had not been home in over two months so it was almost weird coming back, it was familiar yet foreign. Plus I got to enjoy it with one of my good friends! We drank wine, watched grays, went thrifting, and had a fantastic Mexican dinner with family and friends.

                         (not the most flattering picture of the two of us, but I swear we are cute)

I love Mexican food. I mean LOVE. Unfortunately there are not too many Mexican places in Rochester, in upstate NY for that matter. My aunt and uncle's favorite place is Salena's. I had been there once before and liked it, but was not extremely impressed. This time though the whole place had a "tgif" clamor and it was just so inviting and warm compared to the dreary weather outside. I had a black bean burrito and a cheese enchilada...mole style, quite delicious. But what I was extremely impressed with, the guac. I don't know if you all know, but I have a little bit of an obsession with guacamole. :) All-in-all if you are looking for a good time and even better margarita and just happen to be in the ROC...Salena's is the place you want to be.

One of the other highlights of this trip was when I found these babies. They were $4...yes $4, from Goodwill. I have been looking for a pair of perfect oxfords and these are definitely them. :)

And lastly I forgot to tell you about my discovery of the legendary Rosebud Salve. How I did not try this before, seeing it is around 100 plus years old, anyway I love it. It is now never too far from my reach. :)

Well now I get to go work out some sketches for my magazine prepared to give me your input...I am going to need it.

te amo,

November 5, 2010

Dropping Temperatures

As the temperatures are dropping here in upstate NY I am finding myself not prepared. I still only go outside in sweaters and scarfs. I simply refuse to believe that winter is finally upon us. So I am on the search for cute cold weather accessories. This winter it is all about chunky wool scarfs, fingerless gloves, and ear flap hats. Here are my picks:

                               Wool Ribbed Fingerless Gloves from Ruche - $15
                                            (I love the bows so lady-like!)
                                     Classic Knit Tubular Scarf from Ruche - $15
                                                  (Doesn't it look so warm!!)
                          A Flapper's Delight Headscarf from ModCloth - $27.99
                 (LOVE this because it keeps you warm without messing up your hair!)
                           Peek-A-Boo Pretty Gloves Anthopologie - $28
                                   (Love the color of these ones so fall)
                            Snowbunny Trapper Hat American Eagle - $34
              (This faux fur is sure to keep you nice and stylish!)

I write this post for you from the comfort of my own home. Yes, I am visiting the ROC this weekend and was oh so nice to sleep in my own bed last night. Plans for today include introducing my Colorado friend to horses and possibly some thrifting (I am in desperate need of sweaters, and I have no money). So keep warm loves and bundle up with some of these oh so cute accessories :).

te amo,