December 8, 2010

When the Weather Outside is Frightful...

But the boots are so delightful?

Hello everyone, it is the 5th consecutive day it has been snowing in Syracuse. Yup that's right with about two feet of snow already and right now it is suppose to snow an inch an hour. I feel like I live in the North pole!

Anyway I am pretty much done with all my final projects and papers...yay!!! So now I can get back to blogging, and I thought nothing better then to do a post on super cute and super warm winter boots. :)
It is actually a chore trying to find cute heavy duty winter boots. I would rather wear my Frye's all winter but sadly they are just not cutting it. :(

So here are some boots I am contemplating getting for next semester, where it will be snowing in Syracuse for the next four months...It is really times like these where I ask myself why I didn't go to school in Florida or California but alas too late now.

Joan of the Artic by Sorel
Love these ones because not only will they keep my feeties warm but they also have that fantastic red detail, which I love!

Cate the Great by Sorel
These are the ones I am dying to get, and I mean dying. I kinda search for deals on them everyday, because they are somewhere around $200...but they are so pretty!!

Sorelli Tall by Sorel
Now I just saw these ones the other day and I actually really like them. They are not as fashionable as the above two but they definitely stand out and come in three awesome color combinations and also look really warm!

Hunter Rain Boots
Okay I know these are rain boots but you can get these cozy inserts so they keep your feet nice and dry. Now these boots are very only issue with them is that everyone and their mother has them at Syracuse University. You could call them the "sorority rain boot". I have wanted a pair very badly, but cannot bring myself to getting some because I don't want to look like every other girl on the street ya know? But these pretty ones I have not seen anyone who knows maybe I will break down and get some. :)

Ugg Adirondack Tall
Okay my feet are sweating just looking at these.

Tory Burch Buckle Rain Boot
I saw these and actually died. How beautiful are these? I think I should start saving up now because these are the rain boots of all rain boots...and I want them :).

So now I actually have to get one of these pairs and it is going to be a hard decision so I think you guys should help me!

Stay warm!


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