December 13, 2010

Finally the Final.

I feel like jumping for joy today because I am finished with graphic design! If you haven't read my past post Magazine Overload then I will update you. This semester I took an intro to graphic design class as a requirement for my major (public relations). Now at first I took the class as a joke, and easy A, until I got back my first project...C+. This put my butt into high gear and I started putting a lot of effort into this class, but when I kept getting bad grades (B's but I am used to A's) I was furious.

My teacher put me in a paradox. By giving me bad grades he pushed me to learn the programs inside and out and be very thoughtful with my designs. However, he treated our class as professional designers when most of us had never even touched these programs before. He is the type that doesn't care about grades and just cares "if you learned something". But for the rest of us that are trying to get scholarships or get into Columbia Law School where the minimum GPA is a 3.79, grades matter.

Anyway enough of my ranting, I truly like graphic design and I am sure it would be much more pleasurable if I had a different teacher. But here is my last project, I know it needs some work (the bottom half with the information is atrocious) but I had no motivation to put in 20 hours of work into this project when I know I would just get a B...

If this were to be a real on a real web browser then there would be white border on the sides. I went for a torn paper look to make it more organic as that was the feel I got for the organization.

Please let me know your opinions/suggestions! I am new at this and need all the help I can get.

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