November 13, 2010

Your Welcome!

Last night my sorority had our "Screw Your Sister" party. For those of you not versed in Greek life, a screw party is where you get paired up with one of your good friends in the house and then you have to pick there date and the aren't suppose to know...but everyone generally does, like me for example.

My "surprise" date and I. His name is Greg and might be the coolest kid I have ever met. 
Didn't I tell you we make shirts for everything. :) The back says "Your Welcome". 
I was feeling very "Mad Men" with Greg's glasses on. :) 
With my lovely roomie who is responsible for the lovely hair. 

The dress I am wearing is from the lovely Modcloth. My shoes are from Guess, and the pearls are compliments of Sonja. :)

I was a little skeptical about this dress, because I didn't know how I would look with that bright blue color, but I definitely think I need to be adding more of it to my closet. Oh and not to mention I was one of the few who was wearing color, so as Sonja eloquently put it, "you stand out like a lovely petunia!" Have I ever mentioned my love for this girl. :)

Oh and I am definitely getting some of those glasses, I kinda dig the Mad Men style...

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  1. Hi Aryn,

    Ps I love your name! But, I stopped by to tell you that ModCloth really appreciates being featured on your site. You looked so pretty for you party!

    Your friend,
    Elisa at ModCloth


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