August 19, 2010

Fall Facade by Sonja.

Autumn is upon us, and I’m SO excited! Although the traditional fall color palette washes out my skin tone and makes me look a little sleepy, I never feel more filled with positive energy than late August and November.

In anticipation of the upcoming season, I’ve been checking religiously to predict for me what will be big this year. In clothes, the fifties made a comeback on the runways in a big way: the silhouettes, textiles, and patterns of mid-twentieth-century America have been updated to suit today’s modern, confident and fashion forward woman. The look is a great one because it can be flattering for every body type, but it can get tricky not to get too tangled up in the ambiance and leave the house looking like you’re on your way to a sock hop. The best way to update the look is with your makeup and hair...and that’s what I’m here to help with!

Balance an otherwise demure A-line skirt and girly blouse with a strong red lip. Keep the eyes mostly neutral, focusing on liner and mascara rather than piling on shadow. Blush should be natural looking too. Take inspiration from this Versus look as seen in the Fall 2010 collection.

If you’re feeling a little more daring, take a cue from Ruffian and add some serious shimmer to your peepers with bright metallic liner and a pink mouth. Notice that the look isn’t over the top because the makeup artist here matched the lip shade to the model’s skin tone. A too-dark lip pigment here could look more like a disaster than a smashing success.

Soft curls and a sleek, natural-looking blowout will do a good job at modernizing whatever look you choose to pursue this fall. Try setting hair in velcro curlers for about 20 minutes immediately after blow-drying, then spraying gently with a glossing spray like Frederik Fekkai. Then brush gently, and you’re ready to go!

Happy Fall!


  1. so excited that its almost fall! cant wait to bring out the leggins and start layering again! i just got this awesome a-line skirt that i cannot wait to wear :)
    wonderful wonderful post
    miss you both!

  2. Love the styling in both. I wish Versus hadn't used suck shiny materials. Have you seen their teal look that Leighton Meister wore last week? I just think a more matte finish would make that collection more polished.


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