August 14, 2010

Boots and Boys

Boots and boys, they bring me so much joy....well sometimes. It's funny boots and boys may be more alike than you think, as in good ones are hard to find. :) But seriously does anyone else have this problem? I have been searching all summer for those perfect boots and still no luck. I go to a school where it snows more than it is sunny, so boots are a must. I am very picky when it comes to boots, they have to be the right height, color, style, and price. Currently I have some Fryes (my babies), but I can't get a pair of Fryes every time I want new boots, or I would be broke. I was on the Target website looking for some college dorm stuff and I stumbled upon these...

Some nice Frye look-a-like engineer boots! These are real leather and are only $49.99! Plus to the untrained eye, who is going to know the difference. :)

I love the buckles on these ones, they really give them that edgy vibe. These are also real leather and $49.99.

These last ones have a really classy equestrian look, which of course I am all about. These would look perfect with dark skinny jeans and a cute cardigan. A great look for fall. Oh and these ones are $39.99.

Who would have known Target was so stylish?


  1. I like the first boots<3
    Nice blog :D

  2. whattt your kidding! the first shoes are not target, they cant be haha heck i might need to get some considering they look EXACTLY like fryess
    1 WEEK till i see youuu


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