August 11, 2010

Helmet Head: Giveaway!!

Helmet Head: Giveaway!!: "Hello! I am so excited to have my very first giveaway. Woohoo!" 

Check out this giveaway! It includes glasses, a ring, necklace, jewelry box, and headbands!!! I mean come on, what is more frugal than free. :)

Hope everyone has a good day/night!


p.s. This is a picture of my fake boyfriend (don't ask) and I at a work party. I was very cute in a deep purple top and white skinny jeans with silver flats. As you can see, my date and I coordinated outfits. :) Oh and you can't really tell but I tried this cool thing with my hair. I didn't use a hair tie, but a bobby pin to hold in the braid. It makes it look like the braid is just magically staying in place, very cute!


  1. you look stunning in this pic!!

  2. you look so gorgeous here, love that colour on you and your hair is fantastic too :)


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