July 8, 2010

Frugal Finds: Anthropologie Style

Good morning fashionistas. Yesterday I was hard at work to find some items that are up to par with Anthropologies "A Lady's Hallmarks". Surprisingly it did not take me long to find the classy vintage feel I was looking for. So let's start with shoes, which happen to be my personal weakness.

Theses flats can be found for $39 at Lulus (my favorite clothing site). You could wear them with some dark skinny jeans or a cute knee-length skirt, giving you a 1920's look.

I love love love these heels. For one thing they are $33, how can you say no to $33?! The strap adds a very vintage feel and the nude color allows you to pair these shoes with pretty much anything, although please no black and white :). Oh and these also can be found at Lulus.

Lastly I leave you guys with my favorite pair I found...

Once again I found these on Lulus, I told you it was my favorite :). These are the flats of all flats. They are made by Chinese Laundry, who make great shoes and they are only $27.50! Can you say a deal! Plus they have the cute bow, making them very feminine and with the emerald green color they could pass as statement shoes as well.

These are not the only shoes I found, there were a lot of others on Lulu's website, and as I told you earlier it didn't take me long to find them. One piece of advice when using Lulu's...don't hesitate. They have very cute items at extremely low prices, which means they are gone fast!

I hope everyone has a great day, it is going to be a hot one where I am. I think a cute romper and gladiator sandals are in store today, what do you think? Oh and stay tuned tomorrow for all the cute dresses, tops, and skirts I found as well.

All of these lovely shoes and photos can be found at Lulus.com.

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  1. I like all the shoes you picked. I also love the polka dot dress on the previous post =)


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