July 7, 2010

Anthropologie: classy and lady-like.

My obsession with Anthropologie started when the store came to my local mall this past January. I walked in opening day and was mesmerized by the cool vintage look and feel of all the clothes that were completely unique to any of the other stores I had been in. The problem...the prices. A typical shirt costs around $48 - $60 and pants around $100. What is a girl on a budget to do?! Well I simply could not resist like I can in most stores, so my solution...get a job there! I started working at Anthropologie when I came home from school, and it has been an absolute dream as I now get a lovely discount. Unfortunately I know most people do not have the same luxury. One option is the sales section, all Anthropologies have a great selection all the time. Although prices are still a little on the steep side and not everyone lives by an Anthropologie. This brings me to this weeks advice...copy. Well copy sounds a little bit on the illegal side, how about "inspire". Anthropologie has a great website and has an option called "feature". This is where the brilliant fashion minds at Anthropologie put cute outfits together in hopes their customers will buy the whole outfit. However what I purpose to you frugal fashionistas is simply get inspiration from these ideas.

For example, right now one of the features is "A Lady's Hallmark: A lady's calling cards: delicate florals, smart heels, and vintage inspired silhouettes." Now do you see why I love this store so much? Anyway this look includes bows, oxford heels, lace, stripes, and florals. Here are some of the items:

Absolutely love this cardigan. It has the classic look with the black and white but is also glamorous with the gold sequins making up the bow.

Oxford heels have become very popular as they can give any outfit a vintage look. These ones add a very feminine touch with the bow in the front.

Love the polka dots and the high neckline, definitely says 1950's glamor.

Now these items are $118, $128, and $258 respectively. HOLY COW! How is a poor college girl suppose to afford this!?! Well this week I am on the hunt for these cute styles at a price that isn't going to break the wallet. So all you frugal fashionistas stay tuned.

(All photos used are from the lovely Anthropologie website).

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  1. OMG! I love this dress! Have fun at Syracuse, I'm from Binghamton which is just down I-81 about an hour...

    Stacey Kay
    "Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"


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