April 12, 2011

Success is Easy

Success is easy, that the most important message I brought home after I heard Kelly Cutrone speak last night at Syracuse. Honestly I had never heard of the women before they announced she was coming, which is bad on my part as she is a big wig in PR fashion. However with what little I had heard of her, she was my kind of girl. Powerful, independent, innovative, and yes sometimes bitchy...but like I always say bitches get shit done, and Cutrone she gets shit done.

Every seat in the auditorium was filled up and people were sitting on the stairs around the seating, definitely a fire code violation. It was hot and sweaty, but I endured it for Cutrone's two hour talk, and let me tell you it was so worth it.

First off she is hilarious. No reservations, unconventional, and most importantly honest. She is a hard working women and she produces hard working women. She constantly brought up what she values in interns, someone hardworking, who doesn't bullshit, and can handle the pressure. She also said she doesn't care who you know or who you are, which I liked because I come from a nowhere town with a no one name. :)

Cutrone basically led the life I want to lead. Working from paycheck to paycheck in New York, living the rock and roll lifestyle. Dating rock stars, movie stars, artists, and traveling all over the world while doing it. Then after the sex, drugs, rock and roll phase, creating her own business from the ground up and making a name for herself. Seriously I am not making this up, it was her life and what I often dream of myself. There is something about the uncertainty of tomorrow and hipster lifestyle I crave for, because stability is just way to boring.

 Ah so the moral of this story is I will be applying for an internship at People's Revolution,  her PR agency. Even though I don't want to go into fashion, working with her would be an amazing experience. Not to mention if I can handle my coworkers there, I can basically do anything.

On a non-Cutrone note, I had my pre-departure meeting today. I am excited beyond words and am counting down the days until June 9th! So much do to before then, I will be complying a list of essentials soon!

Adios loves,

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